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The Online Course Road Infrastructure Safety now has fifty students

Just one month after its launch,

It is an initiative of the Institute of Road Safety MAPFRE and the Spanish Road Association

Well known is the purpose of European Commission to reduce by half before 2010, mortality figures on the roads of the Union. This is an ambitious but feasible challenge if appropriate measures are put in place. One is the formation of suitably trained in the field of road safety and particularly in the field of actions on infrastructure professionals.

The MAPFRE Road Safety Institute and the Spanish Road Association (AEC) have been joining forces and developing projects to achieve this goal. The Online Security Course Road Infrastructure is the last of the initiatives undertaken by both entities, a training project pioneer available on the Internet for all technical and professional road sector who wish to deepen the knowledge to decisions aimed at reducing accidents through proper identification, planning and implementation of remedial and preventive measures.

With only a month old, already occupy the virtual classroom of this midcourse hundred Spanish and South American students from different fields of civil engineering and even fields such as journalism or advertising. They are willing to increase their knowledge on road safety, giving clues about the interest that this area of ​​knowledge awakens in sectors as diverse professionals.

One of the added values ​​of this course is its flexibility and availability in that develops modules over the Internet. At the same time, the virtues of the classroom courses are guaranteed by a team of tutors responsible for conducting follow-up work and teaching assistance, ensuring full communication between teacher and student.

Something for everyone

The Online Course Road Infrastructure Safety aims to meet the expectations of a broad spectrum of professional road world. Therefore, it is aimed at managers, responsible for road safety, designers, planners, technicians and students. Its structure is divided into five thematic related but independent: "General Knowledge", "palliative measures", "Preventive Measures", "Review of Current Trends in Road Safety" and "Road Safety Audits", structured so that each students can choose the areas you want to take.

The program has been established according to the degree of difficulty, so that the final chapters require a medium level of knowledge. At the conclusion of each of the blocks, the student will receive a certificate of achievement and once completed the full course, you will receive a diploma Security Expert Road Infrastructure.

The recommended duration for completion is six months, although there is no impediment to be extended on condition that the student has demonstrated an ongoing monitoring of the course and expresses interest in completion.

The Online Road Safety Infrastructure Course is hosted at the following URL:


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