The XVII National Symposium Way and Works of Local Administration (VYODEAL) will be held in Seville in March 2003

In Seville, the 24 28 to March 2003

The Council of Seville and the Spanish Road Association organized a National Congress on Provincial Highways

The National Symposium Way and Works of Local Administration is one of the most important meetings on provincial roads are regularly held in Spain

The seventeenth edition of this Congress will bring together some experts across the country 300

Madrid, April 9 2002.- Organized by the Provincial Council of Seville and the Spanish Road Association (AEC), the XVII National Symposium Way and Works of Local Administration (VYODEAL) will be held in the Andalusian capital Spring next year. Thus, between the 24 and 28 2003 days of March, Seville will host discussions and insights that developed around the most pressing issues that, today, affecting provincial road networks.

After passing through Lion in May 2001 where highlighted the needs of the management of local roads and a series of recommendations to address them offered, the VYODEAL moved south of our country to look at the evolution of this type of road in the past two years. economic and financial aspects (costs deputations on local roads, planning, implementation of the Law of Public Administration Contracts ...) will be discussed, those that affect the management, operation and maintenance (winter maintenance, accident, use and defense ...), technical criteria (layout, firm, signs, markings, drainage, geotechnical), legal responsibilities and how these roads are valued socially, among other issues.

The province of Seville, and much of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, will star in many of the interventions happen.

The Andalusian region has about 25.000 km of roads; near 3.300 are managed by the Central Administration (Ministry of Development), more than 10.700 are in charge of the Autonomous Government and about 10.500 competence of the various provincial councils. The 15 25.000% of those kilometers runs through the province of Seville, whose council manages a total of 1.525 kilometers (the largest network of eight provinces, after Cordoba and Jaen -2.427 miles-miles--1.655). The Board is responsible 10.799 kilometers (1.895 in Seville) and the 3.229 State (Sevilla 405).

In 2000, the Provincial de Sevilla invested in roads 6,16 million euros (1.025 million pesetas), which ranks as the third largest investor in the region corporation. The Andalusian also made in the year 2000 to Seville from their budget priorities for roads, allocating a total of 42,59 million euros (7.087 million pesetas) to Seville autonomic network. As for the central government, it invested 29,59 million euros (4.923 million pesetas) on roads in the province of Seville.

A Little History

The National Symposium Way and Works of Local Administration was first held in 1972. Torremolinos hosted that first edition and, after thirty years, the only Congress in Spain dedicated to addressing the problems of local roads has accumulated many experiences.

Over sixteen editions, the VYODEAL brought together about four thousand delegates, both from government (central, regional and provincial), and companies linked to national and international road. This has consolidated its position as one of the meetings on road infrastructure more veterans of our country and essential forum for discussion of the various aspects of provincial roads, both from an economic and social perspective, and from other points of view, including which include management of the road network, planning, construction, design and maintenance, environmental impact and road safety.

From the hand of the Spanish Road Association since 1974 (year of the second Symposium), the real protagonists of VYODEAL have been more than 68.000 kilometers of our territory that configure the secondary network, which are the only means of connection for approximately half of Spanish municipalities, whose total number is around the 8.000.

The VYODEAL to be held in Seville in 2003 is a young, VYODEAL renovated, but on par with more experience than ever, which seeks to reaffirm the role of the Provincial Councils recognized-little-so important in the world of road infrastructure, and emphasize again the work of technicians who have to deal with maintaining a network in good condition, for many citizens, means the only link with the rest of the territory.

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