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Rafael del Pino, founder of Ferrovial, Gold Medal Carretera'2002

The Spanish Road Association delivered next June 5 Medals of Honor Carretera'2002

Rafael del Pino, founder of Ferrovial, Gold Medal

In this edition 46 awards, which reward the work of those working for a better everyday roads are granted.

The ceremony was important personalities have been invited road sector.

Madrid, June 3 2002.- Shortly after midnight last 20 October, the N-331 (Córdoba-Málaga) recorded road accident caused by heavy rain and strong and gusty wind. Until then the members of the Traffic Civil Guard in Malaga, including VAG was While conducting relief efforts, a car out of control due to speeding entered the area where officers worked were displaced and he collided with the vehicle in crowded Civil Guard. The bad luck caused the police car from migrating with violence against the railing of a bridge, where VAG was The agent tried to avoid the impact, but their efforts were not enough to prevent his body fell to the rocky bottom of a stream, from 30 meters height.

No less striking is the episode that starred in the May 28 2001 JTM, a member of the Traffic Civil Guard Palencia. That day, the agent was performing routine service work on the N-620, which connects Burgos with Portugal road. A truck stopped on the shoulder aroused his curiosity. Approaching to check what was due a large vehicle were standing in such a delicate area of ​​the pathway, the agent found that the driver, a French national, was completely rigid and extreme difficulty in breathing. With diligence and large doses of cold blood, this member of the Civil Guard Palencia breathing proceeded to "word of mouth", managing to resuscitate the victim.

There are many people who, as these agents work every day to make our roads more humane, higher quality and safer, even to give his life for it. Sometimes with heroic and others through continuous dedication in performing their duties acts. The Spanish Road Association (AEC) wants to publicly recognize the work of these men and women and, to this end, given annually their "Medals of Honor of the Road".

In 2002 46 are the winners. These workers are counted at the service of the various road authorities (civil engineers, laborers, foremen, ...), members of the Traffic Department and the Red Cross, Civil Guards and "ordinary citizens" of all Spanish autonomous communities: people who, linked in one way or another to the road, have been able to demonstrate their ability and enthusiasm at work.


The former founder of one of the most important companies in the country, Ferrovial, which has become a major construction group, will receive the next 5 June, the highest award granted by the Spanish Road Association, the Medal golden Road.

Ferrovial was born in 1952 and, today, is the third most important construction in our country, with more than twenty-three thousand employees on its payroll and net profit figure that in 2001, amounted to 218 million.

And the architect of this is none other than Rafael del Pino y Moreno, whose merits, acquired over a long career, decisive progress that the Spanish road network has starred in recent decades, have earned him this distinction.

Doctor Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports, Del Pino, 81 years old, is Honorary Chairman of Grupo Ferrovial, Europistas, Concesionaria Spanish, SA Autopista Terrassa-Manresa AUTEMA Concessionaire of the Generalitat de Catalunya, SA, and Autopista del Sol, Spanish Concessionaire, SA

Moreover, together with the corresponding Medal, the ACS will present five honorable mentions, which went to Sebastian de la Rica Castedo, Circulation Services Director Madrid City Council; VGC, General Manager -jubilado- Association of Traffic Civil Guard; Carlos Oteo Deck, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid; Isidoro Valera Picazo, Head of Unit Albacete Highway and Vicente Martínez Falero Vilanova, Demarcation Chief Highways in Catalonia.

The winners were selected by a specific committee from more than a hundred proposals made by various linked to the road agencies: government with jurisdiction in the matter (Directorate General of Highways Ministry of Development and the Autonomous Communities, Provincial Councils provincial Councils and Island Councils, DGT ...), universities, training and research centers, industry associations, private companies, ...

Four decades after the delivery of the first Medals of Honor, more than a thousand people and institutions have been honored with these awards in different categories, some of them so prominent as His Majesty King Juan Carlos; Robert O. Swain, President of the International Road Federation, IRF; Spanish Red Cross or the Traffic Civil Guard.

The CEREMONY of the Medals of Honor of the Road will be held on June 5, 12 hours to at the College of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports (C / Almagro, 42 - Madrid).

At the same they have been invited senior officials of the Ministry of Public Works; the DGT; the Ministry of Public Works, Town Planning and Transport of the Autonomous Community of Madrid; the Directorate General of the Civil Guard; Spanish Red Cross; College of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports; the College of Engineers of Public Works and the Spanish Road Association.

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