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Intelligent Transport Systems can reduce travel times one 25%

Moreover, in countries like the US or Japan, where the application of these technologies is widespread, road capacity has increased 20% average

In all more than 300 deepen experts who will give appointment in Palma de Mallorca, the next 20 22 to November, under the Third National Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

Madrid, November 14 2002.- technologies known internationally as ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) or Intelligent Transport Systems are the set of advanced applications of computer, electronic and communications technology to improve mobility, safety and productivity transport, optimize the use of existing infrastructure, increase the efficiency of energy consumption and addressing environmental problems.

According to data provided by ERTICO-a public-private partnership at European level that aims to implement technologies-such, Intelligent Transport Systems would reduce road accidents between 20 and 50 percent, and mortality around the 50 percent, increasing the survival rate of those injured in traffic accident in 15 percent.

Also, its generalization reduce travel times one 25% and public transport delays one 50%. Also half of the current values ​​would drop the pollution of transport with the implementation of ITS technologies which also would mean a cheapening 25% of freight costs.

ERTICO estimates are supported by the European Transport Safety Council (European Transport Safety Council, ETSC), which holds that one in three traffic accidents could be avoided by Intelligent Transport Systems.

An example of application of these systems in the field of road safety is on technologies to alert the driver and passengers of a vehicle without using a seat belt, the use of which reach to spread a percentage close to 95 % 7.000 save the lives of people in the whole of the European Union, according to the ETSC.

III National Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems: "Security, Information and Technology"

But the Intelligent Transportation Systems also provide important advantages in areas such as increased efficiency and capacity of the transport system; improving mobility, convenience and comfort of such a system; reducing fuel consumption and therefore environmental costs, and improving productivity conditions present and future of all citizens, organizations and the economic system in general.

So it will reveal next week, between the 20 and 22 November days, at the Third National Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, to be held in Palma de Mallorca (Hotel Melia Palas Atenea - Paseo Ingeniero Gabriel Roca, 29 ), organized by ITS Spain, the Spanish Road Association and the Technical Road Association, and sponsored by the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior, the General Directorate of Roads of the Ministry of Development, the Consellerías of Public Works, Housing and Transport and Energy Innovation and the Balearic Government and IBIT Innoba.

Under the slogan "Safety, information and technology," this meeting, which will meet more than 300 experts from all over Spain and the rest of Europe, it will be structured in ten working sessions: "Traffic Management", "Social STI" "ITS in the City", "Safety in tunnels", "ITS in the vehicle", "Standardization ITS in Spain", "ITS in the World", "Public Transport", "Electronic Toll" and "Traveler Information".

Welcome to ITS Spain

The birth of ITS Spain, the 31 May this year, has not gone unnoticed internationally. The initiative, sponsored by the Spanish Road Association and the Technical Association of Roads, will be endorsed by National Associations ITS across Europe, which will hold a meeting within the framework of the Third National Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems.

On the occasion of this conference, delegations of ITS France, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, Czech Republic and Germany will attend the Majorcan capital to welcome the first organization that is in our country with the to promote the use of telematics with a view to optimizing the different modes of transport.

With the conclusion of the meeting of the European Platform promoted by ERTICO, the Third National Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems acquires a significance that exceeds the national level, and becomes the perfect showcase to promote the X World Congress on ITS, which will in Madrid in 2003.


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