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Conclusions of the Third National Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

Madrid, November 25 2002.-

It shows, for managing traffic on high capacity roads, the need for traffic management centers depending on the regional centers currently in service.

It also becomes clear the need for a coordinating center and standardization of databases regional centers.

the involvement of society through its various bodies, which begins to occur is necessary.

The world ITS provides value to sustainability in terms of environmental harmony and social justice.

Systems urban traffic management should have a basic orientation to the user, coexisting with quality policies in management processes.

Traffic lights around the world over the medium term, will assume the LED technology.

We must seize ITS to build new applications, such as support for emergency vehicles.

A concert between large municipalities towards normalization of technological, organizational and other aspects would be an important urban development of these systems help.

The last fire occurred in European tunnels make necessary security projects, demanding the implementation of Centralized Management System, with the latest ITS technologies.

The latest tunnels built in Spain incorporate advanced technologies, leaning less than for those technologies are not used UNE standards emanating from the Subcommittee 4 135 Standardization Committee

Dynamic navigation systems are the most relevant of ITS for the cars. Despite the way still to go in Spain, already seen significant benefits in terms of improving road safety and infrastructure management.

Automakers, mapping companies, and issuers DGT traffic information in RDS, Radio Nacional, must work together to improve the performance of RDS-TMC service.

Regarding the standardization of Intelligent Transportation Systems, should enhance standardization committees, existing in particular the initiative created ten years ago, requiring the momentum of the government, collaboration active and selfless sector companies, contributing ideas, initiatives and experiences in research and quality control.

the final creation of ITS Spain, which sponsored the conference, sponsored by the set of the Technical Association of Roads and the Spanish Road Association work stands out.

Equally noteworthy is the creation of a European network of national agencies ITS, coordinated by the European Union, which held its regular meeting in Palma de Mallorca, in parallel to the Congress.

Special mention to us the presence at the Congress of ITS Chile, which shares common goals with ITS Spain.

Therefore the signing of a cooperation agreement and technological exchange between Chile and STI STI Spain is proposed.

It is demonstrated that, in the Spanish urban and intercity public transportation systems already exist STI, as systems operating aid and payment based on new technologies, working at full capacity.

Further progress in technological cooperation between the various authorities that have responsibility for public transport, working with the aim of normalizing ITS systems shipped.

The interoperability of electronic toll systems is a reality that is expected to flourish in the coming months with the emergence of a European Directive, and the progress of projects such as the runway, Spanish leadership. In this sense, the Chilean example is remarkable.

It is noted, in this regard, in Congress in Spain forecasting tags in 1.000.000 4 of years, which reveals the existence of an STI short-term market.

the importance of road information is consolidated as an essential service and strongly demanded by citizens. This significant growth in traffic levels and decreased travel times are achieved.

the need for improvement highlighted in the cooperation mechanisms between all stakeholders to respond to the real demands of citizens. The most immediate step would be to address the creation of a single European telephone traffic information, the 115.

Jesus Diez de Ulzurrun and Mosquera
Deputy Director General of Road Safety Traffic Department
President of the Organizing Committee of the Third National Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems


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