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Study on Conservation Investment Needs (images)


Milestone game edge. the replacement element is needed.

Milestone removes dirt edge with its reflectance.

Landmark broken edge. Improper maintenance of attempted wire fixation.

Remains of a landmark broken edge.


Barrier metal wire repaired defective.

Improper fixing of the barrier to pole with wire and wood fragments.

Metal barrier with signs of having been beaten and absence of work clearing of vegetation on the side.

Lack of replacement of a section of barrier after an impact.

shocked and detached metal barrier that holds post. its replacement is necessary.

Screw rusty metal barrier.

impacted and improper termination Barrera.

Rusty bolts clamping the post of the barrier and release material on the roadway.


Cracking thick in the ruts.

Structural deterioration, ie not only on the surface but in the underlying layers.

Zone structural deterioration (underlying layers) and improper repair of potholes.

Deterioration of the edge.

Cracking thick in the ruts.

Incorrect repair potholes and edge deterioration.

Structural deterioration (not only the surface layers but also the underlying), patching and edges with poor maintenance.

Crack. poor repair.


Via high capacity (motorway) with the lights off.

Via high capacity (motorway) with the lights off. In addition, insufficient lighting can be seen on the bridge over the highway.


Loss of road marking material, color and retroreflection capacity.

Road markings worn and discolored. They have lost their ability to retroreflection.

Road markings worn and discolored. They have lost their ability to retroreflection.

Grave fading road brand tone and intensity. It has also lost its reflective capabilities.

Lack of road marking on the right side of the road.

Loss of color intensity on a barely visible STOP. Road markings worn that have lost their ability to retroreflection.


Panel half hidden behind the vegetation. Visibility problems.

Maximum aging discoloration. Loss of retroreflective material.

badly damaged by spalling and cracking signal. Signal loss oxidized retroreflective material.

Crazing and cracking.

Impact signal, old and very dirty with loss of the original painting.

Very old sign with severe symptoms of discoloration and loss of paint vandalism.

Painted sign.

Signal with symptoms of cracking and crazing.

Signal inclined by lack of maintenance or poor placement.

Secured by a cable signal, improper maintenance test.

Serious loss of paint by end aging aggravated by dirt accumulated signal.

Very poor signal seniority: discoloration, disintegration and oxidation. Visibility problems by a lack of maintenance of the road.

dirty, discolored and eroded signal.


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