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Our presidents

Throughout its more than 60 years of existence, the Spanish Road Association has grown under the terms of nine presidents.

The contributions of each and every one of them have been unique and unrepeatable at certain times of the history of the AEC and undoubtedly all contributed decisively to achieve development and expansion now lives Association manner.

Marcelino Ahijón Godin | December 1949 - May 1959.

Ecuador In the twentieth century, when the AEC was little more than an illusion, Miguel Montabes proposed as President who was by then Chief Engineer Road Maintenance Ministry of Public Works, Marcelino Ahijón.

Montabes relied from the start on the huge enthusiasm of Ahijón down the road and its great capacity for work. All qualities that were reflected during the ten years in which the engineer took the helm of the AEC, managing to float the newborn and consolidate it as a reference for professionals entity.

Manuel Maria Lopez Puigcerver Arrillaga and | May 1959 - October 1963.

Manuel Maria Arrillaga was elected President at the end of the decade of the 50 and remained in office until the end of 1963. Born in 1882, he had to his credit a long list of prestigious positions both in the public administration and private enterprise, including notably that of Deputy Inspector RENFE and Director on the Board of Public Works. However, the peak period of his career would come with his appointment in 1951, as Director General of Roads and Roads of the Ministry of Public Works.

Mario Álvarez Garcillán | October 1963 - March 1968.

It was the first President of the AEC from the private sector, specifically the CEPSA oil. It should be noted, undoubtedly contributing to the development of Spanish roads and their unwavering support and continued to the Association.

Juan de Arespacochaga and Felipe | March 1968 - May 1976.

In March 1968, the ACS Board unanimously elected to the presidency of Juan de Arespacochaga, who later became mayor of Madrid.

Like its predecessors, he had a abultadísimo academic and professional curriculum, and in the last five years before being named President, his career had been closely linked to the Association. In fact, he organized and chaired Arespacochaga Week Road Malaga and Santiago de Compostela, held respectively in 1964 and 1965.

He also authored a vast literature and held the positions of Director General of Tourism Promotion and Secretary General of the Interministerial Committee for Tourism.

Pedro García Ormaechea and Casanovas
| May 1976 - November 1976.

In mid-1976, Felipe Juan de Arespacochaga and becomes Mayor of Madrid, why the office of President becomes vacant ACS. The Board then chosen for this position who was Vice President of the Association for twelve years, Pedro Garcia Ormaechea and Casanovas.

Among his many titles, Garcia held the Doctor Ormaechea Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports and Diploma in Specialization in Urban Sanitary and Technical. As for his career, which include tasks served as Director General of Roads and Roads, President of the National Union of Construction or Solicitor of the Courts, among many others.

Manuel Velázquez Velázquez
| December 1976 - November 1991.

Only five months after being named President of the AEC, Pedro Garcia dies Ormaechea, an unfortunate fact that places the then Vice President of the Association, Manuel Velazquez, in the Chair.

This Doctor Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports had been ten years earlier Director General of the ACS, and served as President for a long and meritorious period of 15 years.

Juan Antonio Fernandez and Cuevas del Campo | November 1991 - March 2000.

Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo is undoubtedly a privileged place in the honor roll of the Spanish Road Association. He devoted his entire career to improving road infrastructure within and outside Spain, especially in South America.

In the teaching field, he held various positions at the universities of Madrid, Burgos and Santander. He also was part of the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX) between 1962 and 1970, and was President of Bituminous Products, SA (Probisa) to 1995.

Victor Montes Argüelles
| March 2000 - January, 2004.

In late March 2000, the Ordinary Meeting of the ACS elected as President of the Association Victor Montes, who had been Director of the House for eight years. He was also, and still is today, company president Help Motorist, SA, ADA, and Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce. It is also Patron of Messengers of Peace and Protector of the Reina Sofia Museum and the Prince of Asturias Foundation.

During the four years that remained in the office of President, Victor Montes continued with the line taken by his predecessor, Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo, how successful was the development of the Association, and tried to give it a role each increasing the road user.

Maria Miguel Muñoz Medina | January 2004 - February 2014.

Doctorate cum laude in Law, Miguel Mª Muñoz has dedicated a good part of his professional career to road safety. Without a doubt, he stands out as General Director of Traffic -between 1988 and 1996-, during which the accident figures were reduced by 40%. His professional and personal struggle to reduce road accidents led him to receive the distinction of "Man of the Year 1997" by the International Road Federation (IRF).

It has also been awarded the Grand Cross of Civil Merit and the Gold Medal of Merit for Road Safety.

Maria Miguel Muñoz was President of the AEC for ten years.

Juan Francisco Lazcano Acedo | March 2014 - ...

Juan Francisco Lazcano Acedo (Madrid, 1945) has devoted almost all of his professional life to the road infrastructure. Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports, at the time of his appointment as President of the ACS also holds the presidency of the National Construction Confederation (CNC) and the Construction Labour Foundation (FLC). He is also Vice President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE).

Among 1996 and 2000 was Director General of Highways Ministry of Development, since that came after passing through the General Department of Construction, maintenance and operation of the Ministry, whose ownership boasted eleven years. A long and tedious path that has been recognized through numerous awards and distinctions, including the Commandery of Civil Merit, the Silver Medal of Galicia and the Medal of Honor of the College of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports. Also has the Gold Medal of the Spanish Road Association.

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