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Our CEOs

Since it was established the General Directorate of the ACS in 1965, six have been people who have held the post until today.

Manuel Velázquez Velázquez December 1965 - June, 1973.

It can boast of being the first Director of this House, a position that was established with him in the mid-nineteen-60. This Doctor Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports, who years later would become President of the Association, was Director General of the same for almost eight years.

Florentino Pérez Rodríguez June, 1973 - September 1976.

Few things can be said not to know about the sweeping career of this man. And among those few highlights unknown facets undoubtedly passing through the AEC as CEO, a position he held for three difficult years in which Spain changed upside down and prepared for the arrival of Democracy.Florentino Perez left the Association in 1976 to become CEO of Sanitation and Environment of the City of Madrid. In addition, the President of Real Madrid made a foray into politics in these years, was elected Alderman in Madrid by the Union of Democratic Center (UCD) and becoming, in 1980, General Manager of Infrastructure Transport, Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Communications.

Fernando Fernández González | September 1976 - January, 1989.

Like its predecessor, Fernandez is a leading engineer of roads, canals and ports that has spent most of his productive career in private enterprise, participating in important projects. He also had a role as RENFE engineer, where he actively contributed to the creation of a new business strategy.Fernandez worked as a professor at the School of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports of Madrid. It also continued specialization courses he combined his studies of Exact Sciences at the Faculty of Madrid.

José Antonio Artero Romero | January 1989 - October 1989.

The trajectory of José Antonio Artero, current Territorial Delegate of the AEC in the Region of Murcia, has been linked to this House for more than a quarter of a century. This journalist of Toledo origin joined the Association in 1980 as head of Communication. Also within this organization, Artero was in charge of the direction of the Carreteras Magazine and was attached to the General Directorate.In early 1989, he was appointed Director General of the Spanish Road Association, a position he held for a transitional period of almost a year. Both from the General Directorate and from the other he held positions of responsibility, their efforts focused on publicizing the public all ACS activities aimed at improving Spanish roads and environment.

Aniceto Zaragoza Ramirez November 1989 - August 2006.

He was appointed Director General with only 28 years. However, his youth was not at all a brake on the development of the Spanish Road Association. Rather the complete opposite. The period that held this position was one of the largest domestic and international expansion of this entity.As Director General of the ACS, Aniceto Zaragoza noted for his intense activity in all areas that may have some common ground with the road. Your personal concerns frequently moved his job as manager of the AEC, resulting in countless initiatives that were launched in those years.

Also he combined his work in association with her work as a professor at the School of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports of Madrid.

Jacobo Diaz Pineda August 2006 - today.

The Board of the Spanish Road Association, at its meeting held on 15 June 2006 unanimously approved the appointment of James Diaz Pineda as the new Director General of the Spanish Road Association to replace Aniceto Zaragoza Ramirez.Natural de La Coruna, this Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports began working in the Association in 1993. Maybe only six years after it was already Technical Director, and 2001, Deputy Director General. Expert in road safety, the current head of the AEC has directed a number of research projects related to this subject studies and projects that address environmental aspects of road phenomenon, intelligent transport systems or quality of service road user.

In 2000 he received the Foundation Award Corell Road Safety Research.

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