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A new century for a new AEC

The experience accumulated for more than half a century by the Spanish Road Association and all its technical baggage have been enhanced in recent years by the technological revolution that has transformed the entire society. The AEC has thus become one of the most important and influential entities within the road sector, bringing together a large part of the professionals and specialists in the road world.

Carreteras magazineAlso in terms of communication, the work of the ACS has undergone an important qualitative and quantitative leap. In addition to the increasingly frequent and fruitful relations with the media, the Association has strengthened its magazine Carreteras: while it has diversified its fields of action, it has also expanded the topics of its articles, turning it into an informative tool of great value and a reference for all professionals.

On the other hand, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet and new technologies, it has created new instruments in the field of communication, of which its electronic newspaper InfoAEC (, launched in 2001.

With all this, the Spanish Road Association wishes to offer a quality service to all its members and, of course, contribute to the development of society in general.

Asociación Española de la Carretera
Goya, 23 - 4º Right.
28001 - MADRID (Spain)
Tel .: (34) 91 5779972
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