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Meeting in Chicago

In August of that year, the American Road Builders Association (American Road Builders Association-ARBA) Held in Chicago its first World Road Congress.

The meeting became the big event of the sector. In it they would present the extraordinary advances that engineers had successfully launched during World War II. In addition, it was intended to take advantage of the meeting, and the massive influx of delegates from around the world to create an international body to watch over the roads.

The news of this macro Congress reached Spain, where entrepreneurs, engineers and officials of the Directorate General of Highways -the Director General in person was swift paid to attend the meeting. However, they saw their hopes faded when the US government refused to grant visas to Spanish citizens. It was the time when this country American had recalled its ambassador to Spain, and only gave visas in quite specific circumstances.

Identity card of Miguel Montabes

That was how the Public Works Engineer Montabes Miguel Street, by then living in the United States and with contacts in the American Association of Highway, he was doomed to attend the World Congress renamed ARBA. He was the only Spanish and, therefore, represented our country in all events organized.

On his return to Spain, and brought Montabes commissioned to create an association whose purpose was the promotion and defense of the road.

Thus, April 21 1949, born the Spanish Road Association, structuring in various departments as the activity: General Technical and Statistics, construction companies, manufacturers of machinery and Automotive, Users, Training and Education. Its first president was Marcelino Ahijón, then Chief Engineer Road Maintenance.

Help pathThe main purpose for which this Association saw the light was to create a genuine "civil society" in the road area to serve as a framework for all kinds of exchanges between the public administration, industry and user, something that the Spanish society was really needed at that time.

Over the years, the ACS has evolved significantly, adapting to the needs of the times, adding new departments and expanding existing ones so that contribute to boost its activity, but always keeping the goals that constitute its essence : the defense and promotion of a safer and able to effectively meet the mobility needs of road network users.

First issue of the journal RoadsTwo years after its creation, the ACS publishes the first issue of the Carreteras magazine. This publication, following his own philosophical principles, is constituted as a compendium of humanities, technology and defense of the roads. Many contributors, as Angel del Campo and French or Lamberto Santos, made great contributions to the magazine, allowing today know the history of roads in those decades.

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