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Splendor in the 90

The final consolidation of the ACS came in the early 90. Coinciding with a large growth of the Spanish road network, the Association achieved an enormous institutional development and a public screening, thanks, among other things, to efficient communication policy.

One of the main problems that the Administration had to face in recent years was the poor coordination among those responsible for roads in the different autonomous communities. In order to help end this situation, the Spanish Road Association promotes the creation of the Board of Directors of Autonomous Communities and Provincial Councils, a body that continues to meet regularly today. The assembled CEOs, besides discussing issues of common interest, agree together policies in certain areas (procurement systems, road safety, etc.).

Over the years 90 the work of the AEC was incessant, and the congresses of fixed schedule, were held many meetings were very successful both assistance and organization: SPRINT (Barcelona, ​​1994), SHARP (Barcelona, ​​1995) , European Congress of Mixed Draining (Madrid, 1997) and large meetings organized with the autonomous communities and the National Congress of Steadfast (with the Junta de Castilla y Leon in 1996 and 1998) or the I Andalucian Road Congress (COAC) in 1998.

III National Congress of FirmBut above all he highlighted with its own light the XII World Congress of the International Road Federation (IRF), held in Madrid in 1993. It was the litmus test for the Spanish Road Association, which, for the first time organized a global gathering of similar size and characteristics.

The deployment of human and material resources was colossal and excellent results: about 3.000 participants representing almost 100 countries, an exhibition of 3.000 m2 in which 73 stands and a presidency luxury flaunted by King Juan Carlos I were built, responsible for inaugurating the session. That same year, the Board of the Association Don Juan Carlos granted the highest award of the ACS, the Gold Medal of the Road.

XII World Congress of the International Road Federation (IRF)On the other hand, the activities of the Association in the Hispanic environment, along with those related to the European Union, are two fundamental axes of action during this decade.

Collaboration with the countries of Central and South American continent was extraordinary over the years, being created in 1996 Cooperation Program in Latin America on Scientific and Technical Information highways. In the same vein, in 1999, it took place in Seville on 10º Ibero-Latin American Congress of Asphalt, which is reached enroll more than 1.000 Congress.

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