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The economic awakening of 60

If anything this turbulent decade was characterized by social and economic awakening our country experienced after lengthy postwar lethargy.

Spain began this period mired in intense isolation delay and at all levels, but ended up with more than large doses of optimism. During these years it went from a totally interventionist economic system to a more open market, which was also reflected in the development of the road network.

I Seminary Road ConstructionIn 60, the AEC organizes its First Seminar on Road Construction, which had a great reception among professionals.

At this time, also it launches other congresses, among which are highly relevant and continuity those for asphalt mixtures developed in Torroja Institute.

However, the ACS activity in these years is noteworthy definitely and other initiatives the birth of the Week Road, a match that is still alive and in perfect shape today, and that has become forum par excellence of the road sector.

I Seminary Road ConstructionDespite the great successes in this decade, the internal difficulties of the Association were inescapable. The membership fees were insufficient and helps few and far between Public Administration. However, the dedicated and enthusiastic team that formed the AEC knew cope with the situation.

In 1966 the granting of Thus was laid Medals of Honor of the road an award with which the AEC wanted to acknowledge the work of all those who with their work contribute to the improvement of roads. Today, the delivery of the Medals of Honor remains one of the major events held within the Association.

The Spanish Road Association has just the early 60 with a big baggage behind and full of new hopes and future projects. Clara shows the positioning achieved by the Association in these years are the 60 private companies at that time were already part of its Economic Council.

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