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1985. The Four Horsemen of the road

This year the Council of Ministers adopted a new General Plan Highway which already affects 20.000 kilometers of the State Network and is divided into four programs with a total budget of 800.000 million:

  1. Railcars. With the characteristics of the motorways but without toll.
  2. Network Conditioning (ARCE). It proposes the modernization and improvement of the routes in the main itineraries not included in the highway program, and the suppression of conflicting routes in populations of less than 50.000 inhabitants.
  3. Replacement and maintenance (RECO). Its field of action was the rest of the roads not included in the previous sections, in total, about 8.320 km. It affected paving and signage to increase road safety.
  4. Performances in urban areas (ACTUR). Its purpose was to guarantee the service conditions of the roads as it passes through populations of more than 50.000 inhabitants, improving the accesses to these as well as to ports and airports.

The cities of more than 50.000 inhabitants were the target of ACTUR program.

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