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1984. shared competences

After intense political and social debate, devolution begins road to all Autonomous Communities except Catalonia, Galicia, Navarra and the Basque Country, which already had achieved previously. From February to September, thirteen Royal Decrees are setting the change in the management of a number of road infrastructure.

From the years 80 some road infrastructures become dependent on the regions they cross. In the picture, road in Navarre.De 79.632 kilometers of track, the state, a 20.108% less just stays with 77 upon completion of this process, ie. However, as stated in the report of the then Ministry of Public Works and Urbanism, traffic for these state roads circulates only reduces 40%, "because in the itineraries that constitute this (red) is where they produce the greatest traffic intensities ".

From this moment, then, the Autonomous Communities will be responsible for much of the road network that crosses its territory, both in building new kilometers as in matters of conservation and maintenance.

The investment that they have made since then has been very significant, especially the one aimed at the construction of high capacity roads that communicate their provinces with the rest of the country and allow better access to their large cities. 
But on the map of Spanish roads other 67.000 kilometers whose management is under the supervision of the Provincial Councils appear. Half of the municipalities in our country-some 4.000- rely on these ways to communicate with the rest of the world. Their role is therefore crucial in planning and redistribution of wealth. They nevertheless are roads that have historically been marked by adversity: geological, geotechnical, orographic, climate, budget uncertainty, equipment, operational ...

The following table summarizes the evolution of these roads and managing the Autonomous Communities from making powers by the end of the last century.

Red and investment of Spanish roads by competent bodies

(*) Excluding toll roads - (1) Data from 1985

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