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1967. Improvement Plan Itineraries Asphalt Network

In the early years 60 still circulating on Spanish roads over a million horse carts.He was known as REDIA, and aimed to act on the 12 routes more traffic intensity: in total, about 5.000 kilometers which sought to strengthen the firm with layers of asphalt, generalizing the width of roadway in 12 meters including hard shoulders; build slow lanes for heavy vehicles circulation, and complete the vertical and horizontal signage, The planned investment for this Plan was 20.000 million pesetas divided between 1967 and 1971.

From now on, although with some exceptions, road investment will increase each year. One important item was allocated to the expansion and improvement of access roads or bypass cities. the Manoteras-Knot Knot Sur in Madrid;: over 370 kilometers of highways and urban or suburban highways, including built the arterial network of Palma de Mallorca airport and airport branch; or the arterial network of Valencia-El Saler. And although kilometers of highway constructed increased, and the country was developing in every way, there were still circulating in our roads and horse carts, more than one million in 1961. They did not disappear entirely until years 70.



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