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1957. The six hundred invades the city

Although the SEAT 600 was not the first car of the Spanish factory, it can be said that its appearance in 1957 was a before and after in the history of the country, especially in large cities. With it, the use of the automobile is generalized. It was no longer a luxury object reserved for the rich. Middle-class families can access it and with this the use of free time is modified and tourism begins to shine. There is a very important sociological change. 

At this time other companies like Fasa-Renault, Citroen, Land Rover Santana, Barreiros, Ebro, Saba and DKW arise.

The Seat 600 meant a whole social revolution in the years 50 Spain.As a result of the production of these firms and some imports, including 1950 1960 and the number of cars tripled, he doubled the number of trucks and buses grew 50 percent. And for the first time in history, the transport of goods and passengers by road exceeded the figures achieved by the railroad.





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