Objectives and lines of action

Logo of the Spanish Road Association (AEC)The Spanish Road Association (AEC), a non-profit organization founded in 1949, has been working since its inception in the defense and promotion of roads. Its main objective has been and continues to be to achieve a safer road network of higher quality and capacity. 

In 1998, the AEC was declared a Public Utility Entity, a condition that further underlines its character of service to society.

Throughout its existence, the Association has attempted to adapt their activities to the social and economic changes at all times have been occurring. Thus, at present, its actions are focused on the following areas of road safety, the environment, new technologies, urban mobility and quality of service infrastructure

In relation to these areas of work, SRA makes numerous technical activities and training and public awareness: studies and research, conferences, seminars, training courses, publications, information campaigns, exchange of information and documents with similar institutions worldwide, etc.

All in collaboration with various government agencies, enterprises and other federations and associations of various kinds.

In his defense of the road, the activity of SRA has transcended from its origins on purely domestic, and acquired full development institutions and participating in international decision-making bodies competent in the road sector.

Not surprisingly, since XNUMX, the Spanish Road Association is the Spanish member of the International Road Federation (International Road Federation - IRF), besides being one of the founding members of the European Road Federation (European Road Federation - ERF).

It is also a founding member of the American Ibero-Road Institute (IVIA), which brings together the technological and research in the countries of Central and South America, centers and collaborates with other international institutions like the European Commission, the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In XNUMX, SRA received the highest internationally award granted by the IRF. Its about "Global Road Achievement Award "The Spanish Road Association in its category deserved" Advocacy and Lobbying ". This award prestige worldwide and the value of their activities inside and outside our borders is recognized.

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