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Medals of Honor Highway


1995 Mr. Egberto Felix Tagle (Argentina)
  Mr. Alfonso Rico Rodriguez (Mexico)
1996 Mr. Rachid M'Rabet (Morocco)
1997 Mr. Alfonso Gonzalez Finat (European Union)
  Mr. José Luis González Vallve (European Union)
1998 Mr. Ernesto Almeida Freire (Portugal)
1999 Mr. Alain Dupont (France)
2000 Ms. Ms. Loyola de Palacio (European Union)
2001 Mr Carlos Cruz Lorenzen (Chile)
2002 European Investment Bank
2003 Mr. Antonio Pedro Carmona Rodrigues (Portugal)
2004 Mr Sergiusz Najar (Poland)
2005 Gheorghe Dobre D. (Romania)
2006 Mr. Dario Rais Lopes (Brazil)
2007 Mr. Emanuel Maranha das Neves (Portugal)
2008 Mr. Oscar de Buen Richkarday (Mexico)
2009 Ms. Ms. Karla Gonzalez Carvajal (Costa Rica)
2010 Mr. Enrique V. Iglesias (Ibero-American General Secretariat)
2011 Mr. D.Federico José Suárez (Panama)
2012 Mr. Abdullah Al-Mogbel (Saudi Arabia)
2013 Mr. Laguens Mr. Felipe Rodriguez (Argentina)
Mr. Jorge O. Agnusdei, Posthumously (Argentina)
2014 Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
2015 European New Car Assessment Programme - EuroNCAP
2016 ICEX Spain Export and Investments
2017 National Bank of Public Works and Services of Mexico (BANOBRAS)
2018 Jean-Claude Roffé, Vice President of the European Road Federation (ERF)
2019 Ministry of Transport of the Government of Argentina
2020 Swedish Road and Transport Administration, Trafikverket

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