ACS gathers PP, PSOE, CITIZENS CAN and to discuss Roads. Madrid, 26 2015 November

26 next November, the Spanish Road Association (AEC) brings together representatives of the main political parties contesting the general elections the Government of Argentina on December 20.

It will be part of a day of debate, moderated by the President of the ACS, Juan Francisco Lazcano, which is to transfer the representatives of PP, PSOE, Citizens and we concerns, problems, concerns and suggestions of the road sector and see first hand the proposals that future leaders are planning highways and answers that will give to these demands.


Date: November 26th 2015
Hours: 12: 30 - 14: 30 hours
Location:  Press Association of Madrid (Salón Francos RodrÃguez * Claudio Coello, 98)

Encarna Arroyo
Tf. 91 577 99 72
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