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Course of Study Design and Control of Bituminous Mixtures

Course of Study Design and Control of Bituminous MixturesBituminous mixtures are one of the components that have the greatest impact on the behavior of the pavements of our roads. It is a complex and versatile material that can be used as a porous tread layer, to improve the comfort and safety of the circulation of vehicles, as well as as high modulus mixtures, to increase the resistant capacity of the bituminous base layers, there is a wide variation of types of mixtures depending on their application and use. The design of these mixtures has to be carried out, therefore, in relation to the properties sought. This has led to the use of new types of tests and evaluation procedures for mixtures and bituminous materials, such as those developed in the SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program) of the United States of America, or those established by the Laboratory of Roads ( Cantabrian, UCL Method, BTD tests) that are used in the project and design of these mixtures and that have been included in the Spanish (UNE, NLT) and European (CEN) regulations. In the course, all these procedures and tests and their application to the design and CE marking of the different types of mixtures used on our roads are presented, from porous mixtures to hot plant recycled mixtures.

The course mainly taught by professors from the Department of Transport and Planning, has a formative character, with theoretical and practical and is aimed at technicians and specialists related to employment, manufacturing and testing of bituminous materials.

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