Specialization Course Road. Conservation Project and Pavement Management

Specialization course on roads. Conservation Project and Pavement ManagementPRESENTATION

In the design of a project and roadbed are taken increasingly into account aspects of maintenance and conservation. To carry out a correct choice of a firm is necessary to consider what will be its behavior over time according to your project and conservation techniques employed. You can choose one solution or another project depending on what your maintenance costs against the construction. It is therefore essential to know the modes of deterioration of the firm and their behavior patterns according to conservation strategies employed.

This course aims to jointly study the project and conservation firm for roads, presenting first dimensioning methods firm where they study and analyze the ways and mechanisms of deterioration that produce their fault and procedures developed calculation from from them.

Another very important part of the course deals with the equipment and systems used in assessing the road surface and the techniques used in conservation. Among these techniques will be discussed in detail the procedures for recycling mixtures and asphalt pavements. Finally, they are considering the firm management systems, tools large capacity and very helpful for conservation management of a road network.

The course, which consists of theoretical and practical classes will be taught by professors from the Department of Transport Infrastructure and Territory of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and specialists in the conservation management firm. It is aimed especially at technical administration, municipalities, concessionaires and consultants, related to the project, conservation and management firm.


The course will be held at the facilities of the Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports, located at Calle Jordi Girona, 1-3, Module B-1, 08034 Barcelona.


Students who have a university degree GRADUATE DIPLOMA get a specialization course, issued by the UPC. This is subject to attach to the registration form copy of the official university degree and a copy of ID

Students who are not university graduates will obtain a CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE AND UTILIZATION issued by the UPC Foundation. This is subject to attach to the registration form copy of ID

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