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Plotting Course Road (Design Interurban Roads and Urban)

Plotting Course Road (Design intercity and urban roads)


The track is the first aspect to consider when designing a road. In charting a road surface we define geometrically in space. It is thus an essential element of the functionality of the road, or what is the same, the design element most associated with the goal of allowing a comfortable and safe movement.

Furthermore, the layout is the implementation of the road on the ground and therefore determines the structural and environmental elements of it.

1.999.-IC Plotting the standard Highway Instruction was approved in December 3.1. The time elapsed since its adoption allows us to analyze the problems arising from the application of the same. The 17 and 19 2.000 March was held in Barcelona a course entitled: "The layout of the roads, regulations and trends." 29 31 to the March 2006 took a second course and the 8 10 2008 October a third party.

In this edition also adapt the program to the issues raised most interest is extended with urban design issues such as cruises, cycling mobility, pedestrians and public transport integration.

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Spanish Road Association have joined forces through a framework agreement for conducting courses and seminars on different roads, with the aim of disseminating new techniques and knowledge among professionals.

At present and within the same framework agreement course "Graduate Roads" composed of four courses on the following subjects it is contemplated: Charting; Bituminous mixtures; Firm knots and Conservation. For each 2 20 credits for class time they will be given. Those who have completed the four courses will receive the Graduate, validating these effects those who have completed the courses in previous years.


The course will be held in Building TECH TALENT CENTER - Calle Badajoz, No. 73-77 - 207-208 Aulas - 08005 Barcelona.


Students who have a university degree GRADUATE DIPLOMA get a specialization course, issued by the UPC. This is subject to attach to the record copy of the official registration qualifications and copy of ID.

Students who are not university graduates will obtain a CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE AND UTILIZATION issued by the UPC Foundation. This is subject to attach to the page copy of ID card registration.

The Course is subject to a minimum of 30 participants. Failure to reach the minimum number of participants, the fees paid will be reimbursed.

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