Research projects and technical reports

Assessment of CO2 emissions associated with different states of conservation of the pavement.

CITIES TIMANFAYA Project: autonomous and electric mobility in the Montañas del Fuego (Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote) (2019).

New Personal Mobility Systems and their problems associated with Road Safety, with the Mapfre Foundation (2019).
Audit of the state of conservation of the road network (carried out every two years, 2017-2018 last campaign carried out).

Safety on conventional roads, a priority challenge facing 2020, with Seopán (2017)

Contribution of the road to the improvement of road safety, with the Mapfre Foundation (2015).

Analysis of the accident rate of Spanish roads and identification and characterization of white sections, with the Mapfre Foundation (periodic realization between 2001 and 2015).

Project "Whiteroads. White spots in the Trans-european road network: a positive approach to road safety ", co-funded by the European Commission - DG MOVE (2010-2013): Overview - Final Report

Participation in the "Consulting and Mobility Design Studies for Road Reorganization Works in Panama City" (2010-2013).

Program for the improvement of road safety for 65 senior citizens, with the Mapfre Foundation (2010-2012): ª parte 1 - ª parte 2 - ª parte 3

Participation in the Oasis Project (Operation of Secure, Intelligent and Sustainable Highways). CENIT project co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (2008-2012).

Secure route search engine of Cepsa (2007-2011).

Project "Reduction of pollutant emissions from road transport through efficient design and operation", financed by the Ministry of Public Works (2009).

Project "Social valuation of Spanish roads. An instrument for the management of road safety, "with the Mapfre Foundation (2008).

Profitability of the economic profitability of the AP-6 Tunnel and its area of ​​influence (Villaba-Villacastín), with Iberpistas (2008).

Realization of general road safety inspection on the roads of the Island of El Hierro (2008).

Project "VULCAN: Vulnerability of Road Infrastructures", co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (2007).

Project "MIMAR: Map of interpretation of the environment through the road network", carried out for all the Autonomous Communities (2007-2011). 

Program "GIEC: Integral Management for the exploitation of roads" of the ITINERE concessionaire (2006-2007).

Project "Carbon sinks in Roads. Ibiza - San Antonio: the first free road of CO2 "(2006-2007).

Safety evaluation report on the medium steps of the large capacity network in Spain (2007).

Project "Giroads: GNSS introduction in the road sector", co-funded by Galileo Joint Undertaking (2005-2007).

Project "SAVEAS: Automatic Accident Statistical Validation System", co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (2006-2007).

Study on the Improvement of the perception of pedestrians in the steps of zebra (MEPP), co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (2006-2007).

Project "Advantis: A Centralised, Guaranteed Integrity Localization Service. A key for the EGNOS and Galileo Business Model ", co-financed by Galileo Joint Undertaking (2004-2006).

Program of identification of priorities for the development of e-safety products and services, co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Science (2004-2006).

Project for the establishment of a system of Service Quality Indicators on the Brisa toll motorways in Portugal (2004-2005).

Project "Roads and the night; see and be seen "(2004).

Analysis of the implications on transport safety of the Infrastructure Plan 2000-2007 and its optimization through telematics applications, financed by the Ministry of Development (2003-2004).

Participation in the SURCA project "Definition of a road management model for the Junta de Andalucía based on quality" (2003).

Project "Movicontrol: pilot project for the measurement of distances and schedules of the displacements of vehicles on the roads", co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (2002).

Project "Black Spot Management, Identification and Handling", co-financed by the European Commission - DG TREN (2000-2001).

Preparation of a road safety addendum in conservation projects for the General Directorate of Roads of the Junta de Castilla y León (2000-2001).

Participation in works for the definition of quality of service indicators in road works concessioned in Chile (2000).

Green Paper on Road Safety

Manuals and Guides of good practices in road safety:

Road safety inspections in school environments.

Road Safety Recommendations in the transportation of people with disabilities.

Guide for the Location and Signaling of school bus stops in the Autonomous Community of Navarra.

Manual of good practices for the design of conventional road margins.

Road Safety Manual for urban environments and solutions catalog.

Good practice guide for the illumination of roundabouts and crossings.

Identification of Road Safety Problems and Proposal of Catalog of Solutions in Private Urbanizations.

Road Safety Audits: Way to School

Infrastructure recommendations for two-wheeled vehicles.

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