Highway and technology

Technology has allowed providing roads with more and better services for its users.

Traffic management, real-time information, driving aids, ... are some examples of real application that are now available.

And in the near future, autonomous driving will be a reality for which our roads will be prepared.

The Spanish Road Association develops a specific program of dissemination on innovation in its think tank AECLab.

Our references

CITIES TIMANFAYA Project: autonomous and electric mobility in the MontaƱas del Fuego (Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote) (2019)
Participation in the Oasis Project (Operation of Secure, Intelligent and Sustainable Highways). CENIT project co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (2008-2012).

Project "Giroads: GNSS introduction in the road sector", co-funded by Galileo Joint Undertaking (2005-2007).
Project "Advantis: A Centralised, Guaranteed Integrity Localization Service. A key for the EGNOS and Galileo Business Model ", co-financed by Galileo Joint Undertaking (2004-2006).
Project "Movicontrol: pilot project for the measurement of distances and schedules of the displacements of vehicles on the roads", co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (2002).

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