Road and environment

Roads integrated into the environment, our objective.

The road produces an impact on the environment throughout its life cycle, but this impact can be reduced through the reuse and recycling of materials, designs that reduce the emissions of the vehicles that circulate through them, actions aimed at reducing the effect on flora and fauna, etc.

The Spanish Road Association works to value a road model integrated into the environment, which reduces its negative impact and enhances positive interactions.

Our references

Participation in the Oasis Project (Operation of Secure, Intelligent and Sustainable Highways). CENIT project co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (2008-2012).

Project "Reduction of pollutant emissions from road transport through efficient design and operation", financed by the Ministry of Public Works (2009).
Project "MIMAR: Map of interpretation of the environment through the road network", carried out for all the Autonomous Communities (2007-2011).
Project "Carbon sinks in Roads. Ibiza - San Antonio: the first free road of CO2 "(2006-2007).
Observatory of Good Environmental Practices in Road Conservation.

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