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III InterCISEV Congress


Roads and their equipment, theme theme of the congress

Near the beginning of the 2020-2030 Decade, few doubts remain about the importance of an adequate infrastructure to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents. Under this concept are included actions ranging from the design, design and construction of roads, through its proper maintenance and improvement, to the provision of the necessary equipment to optimize its performance. In order to carry out these actions, it is essential that governments, development banks, international, regional and national organizations, victim associations, the private sector, etc., participate.

To share reflections in this sense and to serve as a forum in which to lay the foundations for possible agreements between all the agents involved are the objectives set by the organizers of the third edition of InterCISEV, a congress that every two years, in the odd exercises, reappears in the Ibero-American technical debate to delve into some of the generic issues that are dealt with in the CISEV's. On this occasion, the InterCISEV travels to the city of Buenos Aires with the 2 Pillar of the United Nations Decade of Action as the protagonist of the debate.

Thus, with the slogan "Roads and their equipment, key parts of the Secure System", the Vial Ibero-American Institute (IVIA) and Argentine Road Association, organizers of the event, call for participation in this meeting, which will analyze policies aimed at providing countries with road networks and safer urban environments with the objectives, among others, to analyze the reasons for the that the goals of the 2010-2020 Decade have not been achieved and to establish priorities for the next one, 2020-2030, as well as to publicize good practices related to policies for the continuous improvement of road networks and incorporate concepts with a specific focus in the road safety.

The Spanish Road Association, as a founding member of the IVIA Institute, coordinates the Spanish participation in this meeting, both from the technical point of view and in the Spanish information booth that will be installed in the commercial exhibition to be held in parallel to Congress. Icex Spain Export and Investment supports the presence of our country through this space in the sample of the III InterCISEV, and with the support, also, of the European Regional Development Fund, FEDER.

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