Bicycle on the street and on the road: strategies to ensure the safety of all users


Road safety issues affecting cycling are certainly relevant today. Not only because of the increasing use of this vehicle in the population but also by the changes announced in the new Traffic Regulations affecting the cyclist group and that deal, among other issues, with the use of helmets in town.

In this debate, the opinion of the technicians is certainly very valuable. Therefore, the delegation in the Canary Islands of the Spanish Road Association, José Suárez Megías front, organized within the XIII Course Specialists Highway Canary Islands, a meeting under the title The bike on the street and in the road: strategies to ensure the safety of all users, aims to shed light on some of the questions that today more than ever users of public roads arise.

The Conference will take place in two different scenarios: 25 November in Las Palmas, and 26 of the same month, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Among the topics included in the program could not be missing an analysis of the modification of the Traffic Regulations and its implications both in the urban and interurban areas.

But also have an important influence other content, which will be announced, for example, criteria signaling pathways sharing, or what should be the design of bike lanes, bike verges and other infrastructure for cyclists. It will also discuss the safe coexistence between cyclist and pedestrian.

You can not miss on this analysis, the specific vision of the island territory. A territory with a strong tourism component that requires the use of bicycles in various road corridors, mainly intercity. These pathways are characterized by their high landscape and environmental potential, conditions, together with the insular orography, make these islands an ideal space for sports.

The Canary Islands government participates in the organization of this conference promoted by the councils of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

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