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Pavement Management Congress in regional and provincial networks

Pavement Management Congress
En regional and provincial networks
ZARAGOZA | 26 and 27 2017 April

Venue: Exhibition of Zaragoza. Assembly Hall. West entrance


The technology reaches all the elements and road processes: intelligent signaling, collaborative mobility, infrastructure connected, virtual reality applied to the project and design ... And though sometimes less visible, also pavements speak the language of innovation, hogging much of these new techniques and technologies in the field of roads and soon begin to develop, to flourish.

And not only in regards to commissioning work but also as it affects management. In this context, it born on the initiative of the Spanish Road Association (AEC) the first Congress Pavement Management, held in Zaragoza the 26 and 27 April days and will focus on the regional and provincial networks.

Pavements have become in recent years a real testbed and this meeting will serve to publicize some of the progress made. For example, in the field of nanotechnology, a process based on the separation and manipulation of atoms and molecules to create new and different components. In construction, thanks to this process, stronger materials are made corrosion, temperature and cracking, lighter and more insulating, cheaper capacity. And also more environmentally friendly and efficient because they emit less CO2 or removed from the atmosphere as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, among others.

And if to kill harmful gases it is, photocatalysis is another technology whose advantages will be exhibited at the First Congress Pavement Management. Photocatalysis is a process that, applied to the firm, is capable of removing contaminants in urban areas such as NOx, SOx, volatile organic compounds, etc.

innovative methodologies for recycling and improvement of pavements also will accommodate four working sessions of the meeting. Among them, the Building Information Modeling (BIM), which allows civil engineers make predictions with virtual models before the projects materialize.

Another point of interest Pavement Management Congress will be dedicated to new forms of contracting and financing of infrastructure: Public Procurement of Innovation and Green Public Procurement. In the first case, the experience of Catalonia will be presented, and the second, that of Andalusia.

In addition, he will discuss auscultation with high performance equipment, quality control network, materials and additives or multipurpose roads.

Organized by the ACS in collaboration with the Department of Structuring Planning, Transportation and Housing, Government of Aragon, Congress counts as General Rapporteur with Gonzalo Fernandez Manceñido, Head of Planning, Investment and Concessions Highway Directorate General for Mobility and Infrastructure of the Government of Aragon.

In addition, he has been appointed as Technical Coordinator Angel Sampedro Rodríguez, Director of Civil Engineering and Roads University Alfonso X el Sabio (UAX).

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