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29ª Week Road. Innovation for safe and efficient mobility

29ª Week Road
Innovation for safe and efficient mobility
ÚBEDA - BAEZA | 24, 25 AND 26 OCTOBER 2016

Venue of papers: Auditorium San Francisco
Calle San Francisco, s / n
23440  Baeza 
Tf 953740150


 "Innovation for safe and efficient mobility" is the theme that will focus the technical program of the new edition of the famous and veteran "Week of the Road", a congress of the hand of the Spanish Road Association, he appeared in technical back in 1962 and held its last call to date in 2010 stage.

Next fall, the days 24 to 26 October, and thanks to the commitment of the Junta de Andalucía for the recovery of a forum for high professional and scientific significance, Week Highway will reopen its doors after passing more than half a century of permanence.

The twenty-ninth edition of La Semana, which will take place in the cities of Úbeda and Baeza, will focus on the study of the most innovative aspect of road networks, incorporating the concept of mobility into the analysis with the purpose of deepening the link infrastructure with “smart” cars that are already on the road, their drivers and, even more, other modes of transport. And all this under the prism of safety in an environment of transport efficiency.

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