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Millionaires on the road

A few years ago, as a member of the Club of Friends of the Road, SRA embarked on an original initiative that sought to capture the experiences of all those who throughout their lives have come a million kilometers at the wheel of a car: truckers, taxi drivers, professional drivers, tourists faithful to asphalt or just car lovers and the bike. All of them will run the program Millonarios Road.

The ultimate aim of this project clearly participatory, is to increase road safety through awareness of citizens in matters of traffic and road traffic. In addition, this proposal is wished to reaffirm the social character of the roads, and contribute to the training and education of its members and the general public.

The Club of Friends of the Road, an entity formed by the ADA Foundation, the National Confederation of Driving and the Spanish Road Association, also wants to make a public acknowledgment of all those people who have shared an important chapter of their lives with this medium communication and environment.

All of them have had the opportunity to tell their experiences behind the wheel, telling anecdotes that have certainly lived along his travels and capture all this in a book to be published for this purpose. Once published, each Millonarios Highway receive from the hands of those responsible for the Club a personalized copy them as drivers attesting to one million kilometers.

The Club of Friends of the Road

The Club of Friends of the RoadMovements, more or less subtle, with the road and its users, as the European network of cities without cars; eco-taxes on fuels, roads, highways and road transport; transport policy of the European Commission, which has traditionally discriminated this way ... All this means the generalization of a negative image of road infrastructure.

In this situation, a few years ago the ADA Foundation, the Spanish Road Association and the National Confederation of Schools were put to the task of reflecting on the phenomenon, so look for an antidote not only slow down but at the same time and as a priority, reverse the trend. Reflection wanting to share with the broad spectrum of persons, entities and funding bodies the track, designed, built and used in order to act in a common collaboration

The aim is to convey a friendly image, undistorted, Highway, enhancing the sensitivity of society in all matters that relate to quality, the layout through which the traffic and road safety: ie the Road , environment and circumstances.

Decalogue of the Club of Friends of the Road

Green light: The Road leads you to the landscape. Many times it is the only means that allows you to integrate yourself in its splendor. Enjoy it!
Violet Light: The Highway is emotion. From it one can contemplate the majesty of the mountains and the joy of its rivers, the serenity of the fields and the haughty solitude of its hamlets. Excite yourself! 

White light: The Road is knowledge, it also takes you to culture and art. It's the way to get to school, to history, to other peoples and their cultures. Think about it!

Orange light: The Road is time. Shorten distances and travel times. Discover it!

Silver Light: The Highway is a meeting place. In it we are all the same Follow her!

Yellow light: The Highway is development. Way of communication with markets, means of exit for products, access to business centers. Take advantage of it! 

Amber light: The Highway is wealth, in all places and for all. Ask for it!

Blue light: The Highway is freedom. If we comply with its regulations, it allows us to circulate freely, live it!

Red light: The Highway is also life. Road that offers you speed and safety to meet an emergency Valórala!

Gold Light: The Road is a channel for solidarity. It helps foster courtesy, respect, friendship. Remember it! 

The road has many colors. Turn on your light and gózalos ...

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