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Manifesto for the Road

Manifesto for the Road

Last June 25 2013, month and a half after its launch, Manifesto for the Road 5.000 managed to overcome signatures supporting the platform on.

The document, sponsored by the Spanish Road Association (SRA) and also spread through social networks, aims to vindicate the importance of road infrastructure and emphasize the need to allocate the necessary resources for its conservation.

Specifically, the initiative aims to raise the Manifesto and backups harvested at the Congress of Deputies in order to undertake urgent measures that public authorities are adopted. Thus, it is proposed:

To be processed, by emergency procedure, a law requiring the government to allocate annually the resources to maintain roads in proper condition, taking into consideration the equity value of the network.

To be addressed as a priority and within a reasonable time of the precise execution to reverse the alarming situation presents maintenance Spanish road network performances.

 That, in the process of reviewing and updating the current Infrastructure, Transportation and Housing Plan 2012-2024 (PITVI), the budget allocation destined for its conservation is recorded, associating it with a percentage of the equity value of the road network.

Manifesto for the Road

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